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Fat that hangs off of the tricep, the fat hanging dangles and jiggles with excessive arm movement.
(example 1)
I was waving hello and my water wings were flapping.

(example 2)
She look good until she started waving her arms in the club, yo she can fly away with those water wings.
by Amaisel April 04, 2008
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A derogatory term used in gaming for cheat codes, help from a friend, easy mode, or player versus player where an opponent takes it easy on you.

Basically anything difficult in a game made easy, as reference to the inflatable armbands (AKA Water Wings or Floaties) that children use to swim.
"Man, go kill some things and level up. I'm not going to be your water wings."

"Cheat codes are for casualfags that need water wings."

"That newbie didn't get that armor by himself, his friends are level 60 water wings."
by FerretSnowglobe June 04, 2009
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(Noun) A sexual maneuver in which the male slides his cock between a female's tits; usually performed in a pool during a night of skinny dipping.

(Verb) The use of tits as a flotation device for the male genitalia. Or, as it is more commonly referred to, the act of receiving a tit job while in a pool. Usually follows a night of drunken skinny dipping.
While attempting to water wing the hoe, the man loudly exclaimed, "Stop spreading my ass!".

The lifeguard informed the nude swimmers that water winging should never be attempted in water at a depth greater than the height of the female partner.
by Fortunate Deviant July 29, 2009
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Waterwings are an asset gained only when Frank's justice students have settled down to their classwork and are ready to be thrown in the deep end. Hopefully due to the waterwings the students won't drown.
Borat thought he had his waterwings until a huge tidal wave smashed him into the rocks, destroying the cream and his hope and dreams of a PLA.
by bitumen401B March 23, 2007
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