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A sharp, pointy conglomeration of pure bone and cartilage, found near the centre of the chest. This mutation is found mainly in tall, Aryan vegetarians. Though the mysterious Watbone is widely discussed by scholars, very little is actually known about it. The theories range from it being a second heart to some sort reproductive organ (perhaps the only reproductive organ in subjects with the Watbone mutation).
A certain Mr A.Watson (the origin of the name) is perhaps the best living example of this fascinating mutation, his Watbone reaching an impressive six inches during the mating season (from January to December). New scientific research has revealed that several prominent figures from the past may have suffered from a strain of the Watbone mutation: J.Stalin, M.Zedong, L.Trotsky, R.Hess, P.Pot, J.Christ and M.Freeman to name but a few.
by rudolfhess777 October 18, 2011
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