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A person most people enjoy, and those who don't know her tend to cry.

An adjective to describe someone with big personality, beautiful features; a vivacious, intelligent and extremely funny person. Typically someone whose presence is felt by everyone in the room the minute she walks in.

Obvious Characteristics associated with a Wassan are: big heart, great hair, doe eyes, and snow-white features.

Friends may fall victim to her one-liner zingers--thus being rendered "Wassassinated".

"Before Chuck Norris goes to sleep, he checks his closet for the Wassan."

"Wassan isn't a word...It's a lifestyle"

"You had me at Wassan"

"Got Wassan?"

"May the Wassan be with you"
by fanclub dub April 03, 2010
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she is one of the funniest and the most beautiful girls you can meet shes, not like any other girls. for example, she likes to dance, shes herself, she likes giving hugs to who deserves and doesn't care about what others say.and wassan is LEGIT SOOO BEAUTIFUL THAT THE TIME SHE PUTS HER HAIR DOWN EVERYONE LOOKS AT HER. shes the type ho everyone wishes to be friends with because of how humorous, beautiful, loyal, and when she acts a dramatic thing that had happened thas the type where she cracks up. she has light dimples and doe, brownish colored eyes with glamorous dyed hair end that sprinkles her look up. in addition, wassan she loves to be on trend and understands every action you do and why without you telling her. shes the type of girl that you don't usually see her cry but has feelings.SHE HATES TO BE ACCUSED. but loves her Arabian country soo much and wants to defend and protect BEWARE you don't want to lose her.
Wassan, when I saw her I got obsessed with her and i didn't want to let her go
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by EnchatedMiracle March 14, 2018
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