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A highly-dangerous anti-coagulant drug designed to make you too "blue-blooded" to engage in battle of any kind. One of a handful of "super-extreme" medications that's administered only in rare and dire circumstances, where the patient's violent tendencies are too overpowering and deeply-rooted for "regular-strength" tranquilizers or counselling to have any significant effect.
Taking Warfarein is decidedly hazardous in two significant ways: not only may it cause horrendous internal bleeding and other catastrophic life-threatening bodily side-effects, but it also renders you so wimpy and unassertive that you will be virtually unable to defend --- or even verbally stand up for --- yourself in even legitimately-dangerous circumstances, and so you are totally vulnerable to the will and bullying of anyone around you.
by QuacksO March 10, 2018
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