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A original TV series, that premieres on SyFy, about a team of agents, government and non-government, that save the world on a daily basis. They do so, however, by finding everyday items, like pens or bracelets, that have been super-charged with enough energy to make said item powerful enough to do something spectacular. This item then becomes what is classified as, an artifact.

Artifacts can be things like Harriet Tubman's thimble, which allows the user to assume the face of another person, or Lewis Carroll's mirror (he was the dude who wrote Alice in Wonderland), which has young Alice Liddel trapped inside. Lizzie Borden's compact, Jimi Hendrix's guitar, Marilyn Monroe's hairbrush, you get the picture. Every artifact, however, has a downside, something that makes it dangerous and at times potentially life-threatening, especially in the wrong hands. Some things are made up, while others are based from famous people you may or may not have ever heard of.

So, yeah. Agents that save the world day after day, while going on crazy, at times funny, and seriously awesome missions to do so. Why aren't you already searching through Youtube looking for this?
"We are not the B-Team. Fool, we are the second A-Team."
-Claudia to Jinks, Season 4 Ep. 10

-My friend, after the hiatus was over

"On the bright side, you'll finally be able to work off those extra pounds you've been griping over."
"Devil child."
-Claudia and Artie, Season 1 Ep.12
by DeejKoshka May 18, 2013
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