the hair on your back that leads to your ass. the opposite of a happy trail.
Dude! I can see your war path.
by Thunde25r August 13, 2008
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The act of being confrontational to everyone you interact with during a given time period i.e. the verb for being "on a war path".
This morning I decided I wasn't going to hold back my feelings about what's been happening at work so I've been war pathing all day.
by Mr. Franko November 17, 2009
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When somebody is upset and are looking to start a fight or conflict.
Dude 1- My co-worker is being very snappy and is irritable.
Dude 2- Why?
Dude 1- No idea.

Dude 2- They're on the war path today.
by Keaner81 October 26, 2017
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