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Has a broad range of definitions but is mostly known for its use of a funny and nerdy catch phrase
Wife- "hunny did take my phone of the coffee table?"
Husband- "no babe, I have my own phone why would I take yours?"
Wife- "okay jeez, I'm sorry I just figured I would ask you."
Husband- "Wappachang! hahaha I sure got you."
Wife- "hahaha you sure did hunny"
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by Jay MF Ray July 25, 2018
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Is the word people would scream in medieval times when they were about to enter battle, so simply it is a war cry.
The King- "Join me my brothers in war, for today we take back our land that was stolen from us!"
Warriors- "Today my king we shall join you, our swords shall be covered in the enemies blood and we will stand tall in victory!"
King- "Thank you my brothers we shall fear no man, so follow me now.....WAPPACHANG!!!!"
Warriors- "WAPPACHANG!!!!"
by Jay MF Ray July 25, 2018
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