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Someone that wants that wants to be a prep so bad.
She would prefer to listen to rock and metal but can't because she wants to fit in with the preps so she listens to pop and pop-rap even though she hates it.
She buys all her clothes from Holister, Abercrombie, and American Eagle even though she hates those kind of clothes. Dyes her hair blonde.
At parties she pretends to get drunk off two whine coolers and dates some preppy guy with a tiny dick because he's "popular".
The biggest type of poser you can possibly think of.
She's not respected by the other preps at all, and everyone hates her.
Kevin: Did you see Katie trying to act stupid on purpose in class just to look like a dumb blonde? She's not even a natural blonde.
Daniel: I know she's such a wannabe-prep.
by Ugo293 January 13, 2010
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