(A) Typo for "Wanna bang?"

(B) The less likely possibility of actually wanting to spend time with you.
A: Wanna hang?
B: Certainly, I would love to hang out with you!
A: Oops. I meant bang.
B: Even better!
by Kirito Ice August 23, 2018
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wanna. hang.

An invitation to get together to spend time, with the likelihood that you'll be having sex also
Wanna. Hang.


Wanna hang? Jus wanna see if u were aroun... ;)
by ThomThomBlazed February 22, 2016
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When a group of slightly depressed people wanna get together this is what they say. But they really mean hang, like on a noose.

But then they never get around to doing it because they have other things to do like cosplaying, reading manga, eating sweets or finishing cursed homework.
Person 1: "Wanna hang out?"
Person 2: "Sure, just gotta buy some rope first."
Person 3: "Nah, thanks for the offer but I gotta go cosplay now, cya."
by justsomeweirdo November 11, 2019
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