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Something or someone that one would happily tug his (or her) horn to for sexual pleasure or pain. Normally in preference to pornography or in sadistic cases, snuff films.
1) That picture of your little sister is wankoverable

2) That tablecloth is so wankoverable, I mean it will conveniently catch all my semen and I don't have to clean up afterwards. By the way, thanks for inviting me over for dinner
by Cuddlesthesexybeast February 03, 2011
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Something that isn't explicitly sexual or particularly arousing on its own, but is worth masturbating to in a pinch. Still kinda arousing and much better than using your imagination.
'bro, your sister's instagram is fairly wankoverable with all her hot friends on there, but shes definitely no Taylor Swift'

'Jennifer Lawrence is wankoverable on the 'Hunger Games' DVD case if its the only thing you got in your room with you at the time'
by The_Alfmeister November 05, 2017
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