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The slight feeling of guilt a man feels immediately after masturbation, brought about by a possible sense of shame, regret, hollowness inside about the absence of a girlfriend, or all of the above. This come-down is normally felt by a man who realises that his onanistic practices are merely filling the void in his life that should be occupied by a girlfriend and this feeling is nature's way of telling him that evenings alone in front of the TV sat flicking between late-night Bongo channels is not the answer.
I was bored again last night so I choked the chicken, which was ineveitably followed by Wanker's Remorse
by Patrick Antonis August 21, 2006
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occurs after one has beaten off or 'masturbated'. Its the feeling of strong regret and longing to take back what you have just done. You feel dirty and cheap, also sort of like an animal.feeling is stronger after every wank that day, your body resets after midnight. It soon passes and you return to your normal sex hungary self. It plays no part in deciding wheather to wank or not as this horrible feeling is no match for cumming.
*At Toms house. Tom leaves the room for 1-2 minutes*

tom: you alright daz?
dario: *weeping* no of course not, why do i do it? i feel so dirty!
tom: what? why?
dario: im no better than an animal!
tom: huh, i don't get-- what the fuck is that on my carpet?
dario: sorry mate wankers remorse
tom: its on the fucking t.v as well, you prick
dario: im so sorry
tom: *looking pissed* its fair enough. i once phoned samaritans after a double holiday handshake
by dazzz December 18, 2006
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Apart from the lonely feeling that one may experience after having a wank, there is also another kind of wanker's remorse. This is usually when the subject views some really good porn and especially in compilations. The subject is ready to blow his load, when the porn goes lame. Too late to stop the ejaculation, he is left with wankers remorse, the desire to have had his orgasm during a more intense scene/shot.

Also know as the Post-Porn Depression
He was enjoying the anal sex scene, but when he started coming, the video switched to a tittyfucking scene. If only he had come earlier, he would now not be enduring wankers remorse.
by Jake D Snake January 30, 2010
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