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A gentlemanly sir with a brodum of epic proportion. God himself cannot fathom the epicallity of Wangsephs wang. Originates from Khwangistan, on tuesday evenings this sir goes out to the local hotdog stands, and makes all the hotdog lovers jealous of their inferior weiners. After this Wangseph smother his member in mustard, relish, but never, never, ever ketchup. Or fat chicks, no fat chicks. Following the condiment explosion, he smacks the best biddie he can find, whilst screaming "YEE FAT KOLO" and the biddie is honored by the honor of Wangseph.
Judy: I went to my local hotdog parlour to obtain a weiner, whence upon mine arrival, this Wangseph slings out his schlong and smothers it in various condiments, and a condom, and smacks me, RIGHT IN THE KISSER, I wanted to eat his heart, instead I ate his shmeckle. then he listened to dubstep together.

Gertha: Gee wiz that's swell Judy!
by Wangman. September 09, 2011
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