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When an individual becomes or is unable to speak due to their mouth being actively employed by a penis, paenus, or paenis. Also, when a male refuses social interaction towards his partner from outside sources to ensure he reaches orgasm. Female equivalent is Cunttonguiasis.
*phone ringing on bedside table*

Dude answers: "Hello?"
Older woman: "Hey Kevin, can I speak to Bridgette please?"
Kevin: "Oh! Good morning Ms. Jackson...uh, can she call you back?"
Ms. Jackson: "Sure dear, just tell her that Momma REALLY needs to talk to her okay?"
Kevin: "Sure thing Ms. Jackson. Bye!"
*3 minutes later*
Kevin: "Oh, OH, OOOHHHHH!!!! And boom goes the dynamite!"
Bridgette: "It's about time you bastard! So what did my Mom want?"
*she wipes face with sheets*
Kevin: "Fuck, I don't know! She just said call her back, it's important."
Bridgette: "What the hell Kevin?! My Grandmother's in the hospital!! She might've woken up!"
Kevin: "Well EXCUSE me!! You were a lil wangmouthified at the time..."
by Jackalodeath March 27, 2014
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