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Having sexual intercourse in the days leading up to big surf day(s). Leaving the man with no drive to catch the biggest and best waves of the swell. Often feels content in the lineup and lacks drive to catch waves. NOTE: It is especially noticeable if you got Wall-eed within the 12 previous hours leading up to the surf session.
"Why is Dan running late, we were suppose to surf the cliffs super early", I say. Dan runs up to the car as we prepare to leave. "Guys! I got Wall-eed! My girl wouldnt let me leave, she needed to get laid this morning."

Later that morning in the ocean.

Andy says to me, 'Why cant dan catch any waves?'

"Aww!! he got Wall-eed!!!", laughing at Dan, "Lets catch all his waves!!
by OBwally September 08, 2012
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