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When your dancing with a girl and she takes you over to a wall and grinds on you while you stand back comfortably and do little work
"Dude last night I got like 5 wall rides at the party"
by cockran February 22, 2013
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A BMX and skateboarding trick in which the rider/skater jumps from the ground and rides/skates on a wall--hence the term "wallride."
Dude, I can wallride on my bike, but I can't wallride on Jeff's skateboard.
by probe joe September 22, 2004
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A streetwear brand in Chicago IL. Known for their popular designs based on Chicago lifestyle. Simplicity is one of their strong suits. If you wear their clothing, you are automatically a chick magnet.
John: Bro have you heard of Wall Ride?

Dylan: Nah boss, what’s that all about?

John: Bro! You need get some of their clothes. Instant chick magnet.

Dylan: Damn, I’ve been looking for some clothes like that.
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by Chicago Lingo April 08, 2019
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