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The act of posting a ridiculous amount of messages, comments, links, pictures, etc. on a friend's Facebook wall. The best "wall bombs" take up their entire Facebook wall so that the bomber's names are the only ones visible on the friend's wall. "Wall bombing" can be done in teams or individually. Wall bombing must stop when the friend who is bombed admits defeat on his or her own Facebook wall. There are often more casualties in a "wall bomb" than just the victim, since any mutual friend's newsfeed is also ambushed.
When one friend is at work, a group of friends attack their friend's Facebook wall with messages, comments, links, pictures, etc. The "Wall Bombing" must be completely cover the friend's wall with only the names of the attackers. Any attacker who joins the raid late risks their own wall being bombed.
by SOS_Hill March 20, 2011
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The act of posting a humorous, lude, vulgar, inappropriate, or disgusting message on a person's Facebook wall. In many cases these postings can be inside jokes between friends or a way to call them out in the public about a past event that happened IRL In Real Life. Wall Bombing has also been used to gather attention of other users to further glorify or exemplify this hilarity that has been displayed for everyone to read. Many wall bombers are notorious for facebook stalking.
Wall Posting on Chris' FB Account
In reference to a 22 year old having sex with a 54 year old woman.

Tommy: "54 is the new 22."
Allen: "Tiger cubs must hunt what they can. It is a crucial developmental skill that must be honed and sharpened. Pounce young cub.....pounce!!"
Brent: "Wounded antelope, or elderly antelope?"

Chris: "Man, I was just a victim of all that wall bombing, jesus christ thank God no one else can figure this one out."
by 1nf4m0us January 23, 2009
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A new trend on Facebook, where various unsuspecting friends have their Walls bombarded by a prankster friend, who copies their profile pictures and tags them. The person who has his/her wall “bombed” by another is encouraged to retaliate, with friendly fire, duplicating as many elements as possible or desired for the imitation-photo (WITHOUT photoshopping) and posting back to the “attacker’s” Wall. The most vital goal of this operation, of course, is to get the facial expression just right.
She just got hit with the worst wallbombing of all!
by Bridget Crudo February 08, 2010
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when a group of friends begin a convo on someone's post that goes on for so long it digresses from the point of the original post

---considered an epic win when the original post-er is annoyed by the close to 80 notices
**80 notices** "WTF?! I WAS ONLY SIGNED OFF FOR 20 MINS!!!" **looks at comments** "wtf are they talking about.... damnit...guys stop wallbombing me!!!!!!!!"
by lory anderson July 14, 2011
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