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A place of intense bonding of friends. Waldron Tower has been known for its good floor parties and is sometimes confused with the Tower of London. Waldron has been known to harbour large amounts of awkward situations (see perez) as well as being known for large amounts of "floor cest"(see floor 10).

Some important facts that should be known about Waldron Tower is:

1.) Waldron has an amazing view from the top.
2.) Its better on the bottom.
3.) Milk chugging contests should only be attempted from the bottom three floors.
4.) Elevators should not be trusted.
5.) The matress is room 503 should NEVER be flipped.
6.) Century club parties SHOULD be held in room 719.
7.) If you are lucky enough to occupy room 205, you should attempt to make out with everyone in the building.

In closing it should be noted that Waldron Tower may be used as a pick up line. The term "Wheres Wally?" can often be used to great success whilst being inibriated.
Person 1: "Hey can you tell us where Waldron Tower is?"
Person 2: "Where's what?"
Person 1: "Where's Wally?!"
Person 2: "Oh its this way. Follow me"
Person 1: "Thanks. I love you. Do you want to make out?"
by Dr.Eichward May 07, 2006
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Waldron Tower, known universally as either the endearing 'Wally' or the understandable 'what's that?' is a residence building located at Queen's University. Due to being slightly isolated from the main cluster of residence buildings, as well as its generally sub-par living conditions, its residents quickly bond in a similar way to the students living on West Campus (without having to lie to themselves about how they much they love their res). The main draw of Wally is the fact that most rooms have their own sinks, in which students are known to wash dishes, shower, and urinate.
"Where are you staying?"
"Waldron Tower?"
"Is that on West?"
by twistedwalls November 03, 2015
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