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A "Waldo In The Cut" (male) or "Wanda In The Cut" (female) is a person who befriends someone in a romantic relationship as well as thier romantic partner, and then waits patiently in the "friend zone" (decades even) until they can execute thier own romantic agenda in the target. They may even take the target on "friend dates".

Some believe this style of passive micro dating originated from women. There is no clear origin.
Girl: Didn't Jhene Aiko have a man when she started seeing Big Sean?

Guy: Nah, he just took her to catch a basketball game just as friends. They weren't dating.

Girl: And now they ARE dating and dropping albums together. Big Sean was really Waldo In The Cut.

Guy: Nah no way, they love each other. Hey, do you want to go see Black Panther tonight?

Girl: Nah that's ok, I was gonna see it with Donny...

Guy: Of course. Let's go see Thor Ragnarok at the dollar show instead. Save some money. Donny is cool, I like him.

Girl: I haven't seen that either, I guess that's ok then. Let me grab my jacket...

Guy: Already grabbed it for you.
by King Heracy April 15, 2018
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