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1. It is the term that arose from the bottomless bowels of the mythological Pigeon Cave, where the hidden city of Waladar thrived. It was rediscovered by the two grand and mighty explorers, Sir Walters of Ohioshire, and Count Sara of Dubatican.

2. Waladi (plural): The long-extinct, peaceful inhabitants of Waladar. According to the fabled Waladari legend, the Waladi fought the final battle against the mighty Space Pigeon, that left the Waladalian civilization in ruins, but the left the simple-minded homo-sapiens unharmed. However, the homo-sapiens were completely oblivious to the Waladi's valiant sacrifice. Archaeologists have discovered remaining Waladrian artifacts completely preserved under a thick layer of Pigeon feces, which is still under debate throughout the scientific community as to how the final days of the Waladi unfolded.
Count sara of Dubatican: Did you read the chapter on the Waladaris?
Sir Adam of Ohiosire: Have you been taking the piss?! We founded the studies of the Waladi together for heavens sake!
by A very respected archaeologist November 07, 2013
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