The amount of money American taxpayers have pay to cover the taxes Walmart avoids. This term also applies to the increased drain on taxpayer funded programs by underpaid and uninsured Walmart employees.
Walmart sets up stores in buildings they "rent" from their own shell companies. They pay "rent" to themselves, then deduct it from their taxes. This money grubbing scum scheme helped Walmart avoid $3.39 Billion in state taxes from 1999-2005.

Also taxpayers will pay $9.1 Billion over the next 5 years to cover Walmart employee health care costs. They have almost 800,000 workers without health care coverage. Many of Walmart's employees are forced to use Medicaid or just show up at an emergancy room. This kind of bullshit taxes us all by increasing the cost of healthcare for all of us!
The Walmart tax hurts the whole economy and helps keep them rich while shifting the costs to the people. Their Pro-China attitude towards merchandise hurts American jobs and their heinous tax avoidance schemes also hurt America's bottom line! Here's the real cost of the WalMart Tax-- If WalMart paid all of the taxes they owed in 2005: 318,440 uninsured children would have health coverage; 21,963 elementary school students would have new classrooms; and 9,499 additional police officers could be patrolling our streets! "SAVE MONEY--LIVE BETTER," obviously this doesn't really apply to the shoppers only to the Walmart corporation!

See "Friendly Landlord: Wal-mart Cuts Taxes by Paying Rent to Itself" by Jesse Drucker (Wall street Journal 2-1-07) and "America Pays, Wal-mart Saves: The Growing Cost of the Wal-mart Health care Crisis" at
by Charles_U_Farley July 30, 2009
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