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1) a colon conquestador who claims he goes to the weight room to "get juicy" get juicy means either to gain muscle mass or to get your gravy packed
2)a rectal romeo who constantly is caught on pornographic websites. These websites typically contain chocolate starfish hunters or wind tunnel mechanics
3) a turd burgular who takes a limbless girl to Senior Prom because his kidney tickler boyfriend was too busy rim dancing with another dude.
4) a sausage jockey who tells people he is "straight chillin'" when in fact he is anything but straight. Tail gunners are not straight.
5) A physics major, aka ecremental engineer, who claims he wants to be in the Navy for nuclear power. His lies cannot hide the fact that he wants to be a dirty chocolate runway pilot.
6) A teenaged young man who went to Canada to canoe the chocolate tributary but this teen tells people he went kayaking. Yeh, in a dirty brown river.
7) A chimney sweeper
8) A college student who is always smiling because his kidney always feels tickled.
Dude 1: Can you tickle my kidney?
Dude 2: With my 747? Hehe!
Dude 1: Start bumjuicing like Wakinen! Don't skeet on my butt!
by STP July 19, 2004
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1) A student who ironically calls himself "straight chillen'" when he digs playing chocolate bomber with his brown star warrior Fairfax "boyz"
2) A cadet who desires stank on his hang low from any willing or unwilling sausage jockey in the corps.
3) A rump ranger who will tell you that you dropped candy on the floor. Before you know it, this kid's purple headed punisher is loaded between your cheeks.
4) Fairfax native who "skates the fullpipe", a.k.a. is a flaming homo shlong lover.
5) A colon commando who wants to be a rear admiral in the Navy or be a coal miner.
6) A dude who farts and tars the room with his boyfriend's banana juice.
7) A violent, fastidious wind-jammer.
Guy 1: I am so gay that I snowball with my boyfriend.
Guy 2: Wakinen?
Guy 1: No, man. I'm that gay. If I skeet on my boyfriend, I atleast tell him. hehe!
by CM July 20, 2004
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