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This last name is derived from Norse mythology. According to the Fall of Thor myth, the powerful Wakeley stole Thor's hammer, Mjöllnir, whilst Thor was sleeping and struck him in the head, instantly turning his head into a pile of blood and god dust. Wakeley then proceeded to consume this ethereal mixture and assumed Thor's previous position amongst the gods. It is said that Thor's god dust still runs through the Wakeley family tree and that each Wakeley possesses the power to wield Mjöllnir, Thor's hammer. It is also said that Wakeleys also posses the power to throw lightning bolts at their foes to instantly incinerate them. In addition to these powers obtained from Thor, it has been visually confirmed that at will, any Wakeley can call upon a chariot pulled by the two goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr in order to avoid rush hour traffic.
Bob was incinerated by Chris Wakeleys last week after accidently coughing in his general direction... we had better not mess with any of the Wakeleys.
by mahumnut February 17, 2010
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