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Wah-Fringe (waa-frin-g); or sdf male fringe is a popular and common hair style which consists of a short cut of the back and sides with noticeably longer hair on top with a side fringe sweeping from one side of the forehead over and past the opposite side and eye.

origin: the origin of the 'wah fringe' is derived from the hot night spot, fist pumping, floor stomping, agedly illicit narcotic consuming Melbourne night club called 'wah wah lounge' where a vast and unanimous majority of club goers (MAINLY male) have their hair cut in this distinct and unique way to establish them selves as 'fashionable' but in reality they look like someone only cut half of their hair.
you look like a sdf with that Wah-Fringe cam
by woodlie February 08, 2011
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A maskhole jogged right past me in the park today
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