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Pronounced: way-ger
An amazing last name of a small family. Very uncommon, the Waghers are hilarious people. They do not have popular last name "WaGner", and if you get that right the first time they'll love you forever.They protect their own to no end. If you are a dear friend of a Wagher, and someone talks shit about you, said Wagher will most likely punch them in the face (if they are male) or publicly humiliate them verbally (female). The Waghers have two opposite sides. They either adore you, or want nothing to do with you. The Waghers worry too much and loose focus easily, but they're good people.
No way man, she's dating Josh Wagher.. he'll kick our asses, he loves that girl!
by Ouchi3C00chi3 January 24, 2011
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