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The Waffenträger auf E 100 is a German tier 10 turreted tank destroyer.

A proposal to mount a large-caliber antiaircraft gun on the chassis of the E-100 tank. The vehicle was to feature either a 128- or 150-mm guns with automatic loading system. However, the design project was never developed.
A collection of incredibly min-maxed extremes, the WT Auf E-100 has been a strongly influential tank upon the tier X metagame since its introduction to World of Tanks in the 8.9 patch and resultingly one of the most troubling to balance. Possessing autoloaded guns which do not share the traditionally poor gun handling characteristics of other autoloaders (and terminating a line known for stealth and traditional single-fire guns), this extremely visible tank is a monster of firepower that redefined the acceptable limitations for autoloader potential within World of Tanks. Outputting previously-unheard of 3360+ burst damage potential at its launch, the WT E-100 is not limited by an opponent team's hitpoint pool n 10 seconds. The WT E-100 is a tank that that never displays anything but brilliant performance: either brilliantly overwhelming, or brilliantly terrible. Unfettered by traditional TD limitations such as traverse, health pool, or view range, the WT E-100 is more self-sufficient than almost any other tier X TD in the game.
Oh and it has no armor whatsoever on the back of a turret so a tier 1 light tank can kill it.
The waffle tractor is another name for a tank that is good at destroying slow tanks but can easily be killed by a fast tank

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by H4ck3r January 08, 2015
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