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Proclaimed by many as "the best way to eat pussy". A sexual endeavor in which the guy spoons soft ice cream onto the girls cooch. After which, he proceeds to eat the ice cream and then lick out that vagee. The best thing about waffle bowls...once your finished lickin out that ice cream, you get to eat the bowl!! As long as the ice cream isn't too cold, the chilling sensation can feel quite nice for the girl.
Warning: girls, wash your meat curtains after, sugars from the ice cream can result in infection if you don't! And nobody likes a smelly infected squish mitten.
Teenage guy "It's so hot outside! A little ice cream would be great right now"
Cougar "You know whats good when it's hot out? My vagina in your face"
Teenage guy "Why not both?!"
Cougar "OK!"
Teenage guy "WAFFLE BOWL TIME!"
by Canucks in Bahrain June 11, 2009
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