According to Prince Fari, Wadada means "Love"
"Wadada Means Love" Dub Syndicate
by freesouljah August 5, 2009
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the lazy way to say "where you at?" (Wah-dah-dah)either sayd quickly or pronounced with a tongue roll
when you pick up you cell answer, "yo, Wadada?"
by deathbyvanilla January 11, 2008
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prefix for any word
usually used when angry or stressing emotion

pronounced - WU DUHDUH, if said properly only the first "DUH" is heard
lucy- "i can't come over tonight"
ryan - "wadada gay!"
by ashsav February 16, 2008
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Oh, man ... *groan* ...
What?! Not again! Wa-da-daaaaa...
by Chief Waitiki November 1, 2003
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