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The hometown of Joke artists who think their daddy knows everything and everyone. Fwueddys favorite place in the world. Chris Fwuedwicks thinks everything should be in Wachesta and only the best things in the world come from Wachesta. He truly believes that he is one of Wachesta's self proclaimed greatest residents. Wachesta is where Fwueddy and his boy George Mendez throw their all boy fraternity parties. Also where people talk about energy drinks every hour with the boss, beg to go get him lunch, and update the production board at work! Everybody inb Wachesta Thinks grapes are gross! In Wachesta they believe all sports are stupid!
1)While I was in Wachesta I got an Energy Drink and eww they merssed up my food when I was uopdating the production board. My dad knows everybody in Wachesta and I dont like that because thats gross!
2)He boss lets get an energy drink and I will go get you lunch from Wachesta Deli after you listen to my call!
3) Evrything happens in Wachesta and I dont like grapes. they are gross.
by Wachesta March 26, 2010
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