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An acronym representing the phrase: "What would Doctor Phil Do?" Can be found in various forms of worthless merchandise such as: bumper stickers, bracelets, stickers, and temporary tattoos. A question that helps assess a situation by realizing what Dr Phil would do. Generally the answer to this question would be either calling someone fat or over analyzing the situation and coming up with some stupid ass plan. Dr Phil is a daytime television psychiatrist who was previously Oprah's beyatch. In this fat, bald douchebag's spare time he kills hookers, babies, old people, and anyone who stands in range of his onslaught. Dr Phil cannot die, but can only get stronger as he defeats enemies.
Joe: Mike is getting really fucking fat, WWDPD???

Jack: Just tell his fat ass to run on the treadmill or else we won't talk to him.
by aevv September 19, 2010
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