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Welcome To The Party Bitch. Normally a welcome said to babies that are born at wooked out jam fests. Usually the newborn is christened with a deemster shotgun straight to the dome. Originated on Phantasy Tour (PT).
Dude #1: At Echo Project I watched a wookette giving birth during the GZA set. I was just peaking on some 2ci. People were trying to get medical help, but they hadn't arrived. Some other wookette claimed to be a midwife and was coaching the woman through this. Her wook man is standing there shirtless and spun like top, just making these weird sounds while he is crushing his beer can and spraying coors light all over everyone. He looked really anxious about the whole thing, grabbing his face and just making grunts and stuff. The baby's head starts to crown and the medics still haven't arrived. This is where it gets crazy...

It was so fucking dusty out there and the baby and all the surrounding fluids were immediately "muddified" by the blowing dirt. I mean, its fucking gross. All of a sudden, this fucking kid (probably 19 or 20) in his oversized neon, flat-brim LRG hat, runs up yelling "Welcome To The Party Bitch!" before he blows a huge plume of smoke right in the baby's face! While the umbilical cord is still attached and shit! The smell was unmistakeable, this baby had just been deemster'd. He must have pulled the hit from a bong, b/c it was monstrous.

Dude #2: WTTPB indeed!!
by God420 March 10, 2011
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