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A variant of WTF, it can also be used to shorten "what the fuck is" (see wtfxup). WTFX is often used angrily in responses demanding moar information (see example 1), making it an antithesis of lolwot.

The word is not restricted to the immediate necessity of imperative information, however, as it can also be used to express disdain or disapproval in a joyful or mocking manner (see example 2).

The most common, however, being a simple request for further elucidation (see example 3).
Ex. 1:

Boy: So I heard you got some action at that party a few nights ago.

Girl: I hope I didn't, I was way was drunk.

Boy: No wonder you aren't moving in the video.

Girl: WTFX your problem?

Example 2:

Jack: I just got some moar anonyhate.

Bob: Let's hear it.

Jack: "Your gayer than six gays on a gay boat."

Bob: WTFX?

Ex. 3:

Guy that doesn't get laid: So i herd u liek mudkipz

Guy who gets laid: WTFX that?
by adamryan November 11, 2009
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