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The World Series of Video Games, or WSVG for short, was an international professional electronic sports competition. It held its first season in 2006, with competitions in six different games and six events held around the world including the finals of the event. The total prize purse of the season was US$750,000 which includes the $240,000 prize purse that was winnable at the finals. The WSVG was operated by Games Media Properties, an American gaming company founded in 2002.

The series was partially regarded as the continuation of the one million dollar 2005 CPL World Tour, as one of the founders of the WSVG as well as the major sponsor (Intel) of the tour left the Cyberathlete Professional League to help fund these series.

In a surprise move on September 12, 2007, the WSVG main page announced that "Games Media Properties will no longer produce the World Series of Video Games", and that the remaining three events (Los Angeles, London, and Sweden) were all cancelled. The reasons given were that revenue from the previous events were not enough to sustain the league, especially because of its extensive televising campaign and enormous event sizes.

The WSVG has stated that it wishes to continue expansion in online advertising and their network of websites.
by Xenophobia June 13, 2009
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