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An acronym for the World Series of Beer Pong, the world's largest beer pong/beirut tournament, held in Las Vegas in January of every year. WSOBP I was held in January 2006 and WSOBP V is planned for January 2010. WSOBP IV in 2009 attracted over 400 teams and several C-list celebrities.

While some amateurs lament the short tables, clear cups, non-standard rules, use of water in some cups, and lack of an elbow rule at this event, the best teams in the world generally take the rules as they are and show up every year with the hopes of being crowned world champions and winning the cash prize, which was $10,000 at WSOBP I, $20,000 at WSOBP II, and $50,000 ever since.
Frat beirut champ: "Chauffeuring the Fat Kid won WSOBP III, but I saw the video on YouTube and they lean way across the table. Leaning is so weak. I would kick their asses in a game with an elbow rule."
WSOBP player: "No you wouldn't. They're much better than you on any table with any rules. If you play them, let me know, because I've got $100 that says they sink your last cup before you even get to your first re-rack."
by Nicholas D February 13, 2009
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