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wau-sek-shoo-uhl, noun

A fan of the Blizzard online video game, World of Warcraft who has allowed his or her life in-game to impact his or her intimate relationships. This person would rather level up than have sex with their husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or domestic partner. Frequently sexual behaviors are performed during patch downloads and computer reboots. Many develop relationship issues and become chronically single, relegating the act of sex to masturbation via the aid of online pornography. May also engage in online sexual roleplay, or cybersex.

—Related forms
wow·sex·u·al·ly, adverb
wow·sex·u·al, adjective
"I would love to date John if he wasn't so WOWsexual."

"Sam's WOWsexuality makes her so annoying!"

"I think I just got WOWsexually harassed!"
by Lynne_Kitty September 22, 2008
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