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Women Going to Obtain Welfare. After riding the carousel throughout their 20's and 30's, some women are abruptly shocked by metaphorical dating wall when it slowly dawns on them that men will no longer pay for everything. Replacing one father for another, the government becomes their new sugar daddy.
What happened to Alice? I thought she had a good man!
Alice cheated on him with a one-night stand, now she's WGTOW.
by DirkDjiggler April 05, 2017
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Women/Woman going their own way. WGTOW is a demonstration of a woman's individual sovereignty and autonomy. It is the concept of the moral right of self-ownership of a woman, along with her natural right to bodily integrity, and to have sole control and direction of her life goals and decisions.

It is a way of stating that, as a woman I will not surrender my will to the social expectations of others or society; I can express my own natural individuality and femininity with integrity, without needing the approval of others.
Person 1 (Woman or Man)"How could you just let go of your adult children, family, friends and everything in your past to travel the world?"

Person 2 (Woman) I'm celebrating myself, respecting my own life now; I'm a WGTOW - free at last!"
by OneWomanKind August 28, 2016
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