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Waved gang fuck your bitch 🌊 (Sometimes: waved gang'll fuck your bitch)

Waved gang are followers of the instagram account @wavedmemes, they're cyber bullying savages who pick out random pricks and roast them by making memes of them and abusing them in the comment section with their vast vocabulary and sheer numbers of members willing to participate in roasting sessions. They can be found usually roasting very annoying groups of people: feminazis, lgbterrorists, people a bit too obsessed with politics, and people who argue in the comment section and many more. WGFYB, #WGFYB, WGFY🅱️ or simply just WG. Although WGFY🅱️ is commonly only is used in meme culture. Usually put this in their bio to show they're an affiliate of the waved gang. They sometimes go on riots and takeovers, where they go to a page and spam as much hate, "WGFWB", or tag @wavedmemes as possible in the hope that it would slightly inconvenience the admin to have to delete comments and block accounts.
Fan of the @wavedmemes instagram account: waved gang🌊🌊 #wgyb

Fan 2 of the @wavedmemes instagram account: I like UFC, IM BLACK, FUCK FEMINISM, WGFYB

Fan 3 of the @wavedmemes instagram account: a lesbian transsexual however I hate lgbterrorists WG🌊
by Wgfyb🌊 March 28, 2017
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