"WE WUZ" is used when a group or person identifies as someone or something he once was or never was.
This is mainly used for saying that you have this and that ancestry.

by JamalKANGZ September 29, 2018
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A term used for black people when they claim to be descended from a certain group of people.
"We Wuz Egyptians."
"Naw mane we Wuz Jews."
by aros828282 November 13, 2022
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Satirically used to criticize afro-centrist African Americans that claim their ancestors descended from Egyptian Pharaohs.

Often in the form of a comment thread, beginning with "WE", followed by "WUZ", etc.
We wuz kangs n shit nigga I swear to god, my fuckin family man, they was from Egypt did you see the color of they skin, look at they skin
by zkdr May 7, 2016
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Originating from the claim that European Americans once feasted upon African Americans.
We aint introduce yall to the spices, WE WERE THE SPICES.
We wuz food n shiett
by GibsDat February 10, 2022
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A phrase used to poke fun at those who adhere to the Black Egyptian Hypothesis, an often disputed theory which postulates that Ancient Egypt was a Black civilization and that some of the most notable royal figures from the Dynastic era were of African ethnicity.
Afro-centrist Black Man: We wuz kangz n shiet niggaz i swear to god man i my fucking family member from each iniquity i was an ancestor egypt man you telling me that that their emblems over there aint black? look at they skin man they black. hey you think you know man like im saying man we tryna go space n shit man like fuck man nigga these goddamn white peple man i ain't sayin man these white peple be ruinin our lives mane shit mane lemme lemme tell you mane my gran grandmama she part Egyptian mane you tellin me little king ta tu ta tut thats my great great great great great grandpa mane
and you tellin me that these goddamn egyptians ain't black shit nigga look look man Julius Caesar's was black I don't know why this history books be lyin to you Julius Caesar's was black he wasn't white he Romans were ruled by by black peple shiet mane I tell you what I swear let all the black people in America go back to Africa they're
gonna be god knows what.
by NiqqaKang December 16, 2021
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A phrase used to poke fun at those who adhere to the ideology of Litvinism, an often disputed theory which postulates that modern Belarussian people are the real founders of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and that the modern state of Lithuania is made by "Zhamoit Farmers" and stuff along those lines

this phrase is obviously taken from the quite similar phrase we wuz kangs n shiet just like definition
A: Shut up Zhamoit, Belarussians established the GDL

B: "we wuz grand dukes n shiet"
by xenoprobably September 19, 2022
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