n. High Performance option package on Oldsmobile 442s from 1966 through 1972. Included OAI (Outside Air Induction) in the form of either under-bumper intakes (1966-1969) or hood scoops (1970-1972). Also included a more aggressive camshafts and an aluminum intake manifold. The 1966 W-30 was only avalable with the L-69 package, which consisted of three 2-bbl carburetors instead of the standard single 4-bbl. Limited production, almost exclusivly used for stock-class drag racing.
Bill: "Damn, that is one fast granny car"
Steve: "Granny car? Bitch, that's a W-30"
Bill: "A W-30? I think I'm gonna have an orgasm"
by Olds boy September 5, 2005
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