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Vussetionary- a methodilogy of word definition started in Kalamazoo, Michigan, at The Hanger Bar and Grill, in January 2009 by Young Vusse, aka Young Son, aka Nonfiction. The Hanger bar and Grill is made to look like an actual airplane hangar. They offer a pool table and good food specials such as $5.99 burgers and fries on Wednesdays. It is located at 4301 W. Main St. Kalamazoo, MI 49006. It is the only place where Young Vusse is welcomed in the city of Kalamazoo thats why he spends all his time there. If you ever want to see someone spend more money in one night on a Juke Box than any other sane or normal person then visit the hanger any night of the week and watch Young Vusse.
Vusse= The Man
Non-baller= those resembling Pete Rose
Young Vusse= the best rapper ever
textual relations= having text with a girl
str8 ballin= being like Vusse
Young Son= Vusse in Spanish
Dusty Broad= skanky female
The Hanger= coolest place ever
Eric Dear= Roy Boy's alter ego
the over= Vusse is ballin'
I wanna text you up= What Vusse wants to do to Pete's girl
Sucking Dick Ass= the worst thing ever
Chicago Cubs= the tightest team in the history of teams
Repots= don't mess with her
cock smoking Q= see: non-baller
Dillsnix= Vusse's baby-maker
sucking ass= mad not cool
The Golden P= highest quality of all P's aka R.R., you all get the point
The Barber Shop= Vusse's favorite place
Too Short Im a Playa= the best Juke Box song ever
Young Vusse, Barbertini and ALweezy= tightest rap group ever

by dj jazzy-geoff February 05, 2009
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