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A term used for extremely intelligent and cool people or things. It can be used as an adjective or as a noun to describe whatever you think is better then you and the people in your direct surroundings. This term came alive a few years after the death of Jesus Christ. (Rumor: There was a priest named Vulgos who lived near Jerusalem that slayed the three Roman soldiers that killed Christ, using only his mind) In the present, it is used by a Dutch forumite, seen on "WWW.GUNK.BE". He offcourse, is equally cool and intelligent. The term is somewhat unknown in the normal world, but widely used on forums and the likes...
- Did you see that VulgoZ over there?
o Yeah, he is so cool I almost pissed myself!

- Wow, check out this VulgoZ ride I got for my birthday!
o Holy shit! You're gonna be such a VulgoZ when you drive that to school!
by Instorpalz November 04, 2005
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