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From Netflix's show Voltron: Legendary Defender, "Vrepit Sa" is a salute of the Galra, which is revealed to be a saying of their people, meaning "Killing Stroke".
The origin of the term comes from an ancient war in which the Galra prevailed by using a strategy of picking the best men and executing a swift and deadly attack, naming it the killing stroke.
Zarkon: This news is most pleasing. You have done your duty. Vrepit Sa!

Sendak: Vrepit Sa!
by sgtosiris July 12, 2018
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Galra soliders or commanders say "vrepit sa" as a salute.

From Voltron Legendary Defenders
"Do you understand?"
"Yes, vrepit sa."
by VIKTUURI FOR LYFE! July 26, 2017
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In the Netflix animated show "Voltron-Legendary Defender", the Galra soldiers say "Vrepit Sa". The meaning has been disputed but it is safe to assume it means "Onward". It is a saying with Slovak origins. It's the equivalent to the US Army "Hooah" or the US Marine Corp "Hoorah".
Haggar: Make sure that no one disturbs my ritual.

Galra Soldiers: Vrepit Sa.
by Lonewolf_Keiff November 10, 2017
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