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(Vraagekster= Dutch word) Literally translates to: "Question Asking European Magpie". Someone who sees shiny stuff in a store and enters to ask a million questions about it and various other articles that come to his/her attention. In the end (if the store is crowded) the person wastes a lot of valuable time that could've been spent at paying customers and in other cases only causes general annoyance for they rarely buy anything and just fly off when they're done picking the poor clerk's brain.
A "vraagekster" enters a store and spots a big computer and starts asking all kinds of questions about it, then spots a wall of computer mice and asks about all of these mice (Good example: Borat shopping for cheese), then switches to computer screens and finally tells their life's tale only to conclude with saying "thank you" and leaving or maybe, god willing, to buy a 2GB USB stick worth 5 bucks that the clerk could've spent on another waiting (and hopefully still waiting!) customer.
by Robski666 May 20, 2011
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