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The Voto Pahty originated from the women kicking ninja that was raised in the Far East. This word dates all the way back to the One-Eyed monster. This monster lives in a cave all by himself because he nibbles at girls and scares them away. Although this creature lives above the normal folk, his voice is so loud that it can be heard from miles away. The Voto Pahty came about because all of the girls got scared away and younger girls needed to be rounded up. This pahty comes from Boston and includes all of the finest women around that are afraid to come in contact with this heinous creature. Unfortunately this monster cannot have parties of his own, so the Voto Pahty takes control and makes things spicy. When the actual pahhty takes place, the monster has to leave his cave only to return back the next day
We're having an Ed Hahhdy Voto Pahty tonight!
by ed harhdy voto pahty March 22, 2009
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a party in which you invite almost none of your friends but invite a plethora of underage girls. The goal of this party is to hopefully win at this numbers game and hopefully take advantage of one of said underage girls by the end of the night. Your friends hear about this party and either decide not to come or leave after only a few minutes because it's so sketchy and weird.
Dude I don't know anyone here!

Me either, looks like another voto pahty.
by stags111 February 13, 2009
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