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A bipedal humanoid creature with two arms, but has an additional shorter arm protruding from its chest; used for feeding. Vortigaunts have a mottled green-brown skin, sharp teeth, and clawed hands. A slightly hunched posture shows their faces are dominated by a large, single red eye, surrounded by five smaller eyes. Vortigaunts also have the ability of telepathy, healing, and manipulation of electricity either in the way of charging up equipment (HEV suits, Generators etc.) or damaging enemies in variations of blasts.
Be careful with that explosive barrel, Vortigaunts are using electrical pulses around here.
by Dakx December 27, 2007
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One of the creatures from the rift world Xen. These creatures have one large, red eye. They are brown and scaley. They can use energy beams that shoot out of their hands to attack people or heal them. They're from Half-Life.
"Woa! That Vortigaunt just zapped me!"
by Adam Tr0n January 24, 2005
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