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An alien race from the popular cult sci-fi show, Babylon 5. The Vorlon are among the most enigmatic beings in the galaxy, and are said to be very ancient.

A Vorlon is characterised by a suit that looks like a coat hanger, and a habit of speaking in riddles or nonsensical phrases. In this context, many have theorised that what hides under the suits is, in fact, a race of homsars. Even more, however, suggest that they are in fact permanently on LSD.

What they really are, remains unknown, but saying they look like question marks riding a conceptualisation of the colour blue towards a rainbow-colored watermelon that is having sexual intercourse with an eggplant seems like a good bet.

adj.: Someone who speaks nonsense or in riddles, or acts like they are on acid.
Ambassador Kosh Naranek is a Vorlon.

Congratulations, Mark! Your presentation sounded very Vorlon-like. You're fired.
by Ascot September 06, 2004
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