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A killer psychedelic rock song by guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. Has been described as the greatest guitar anthem of all time, and was also voted number 101 on Rolling Stone's Greatest Songs of All Time poll. Has one of the most awe inspiring guitar solo's ever procured, and is also one of the most difficult songs to learn because of its profound intricacy. Some of the best versions of the song are the Woodstock, Berkeley, and Albert Hall performances, although generally the Woodstock performance is considered to be Jimi Hendrix's magnum opus. As if the Electric Ladyland version is good enough... the Woodstock version is of epic status, complete with mind- bending improvisations and an ending to leave you speechless. The song is often confused with Hendrix's blues jam, Voodoo Chile... hence the bracketed 'Slight Return' title added to the song on most recordings. Probably the greatest rock song ever made. R.I.P Hendrix :(
"Cuz I'm a voodoo child... god don't stop a voodoo child, BABY!"
by Firelovesugar May 08, 2009
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