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a pretender, poser, someone who tries to be something they are not, a fraud or imposter
Look at that puny kid wearing that chain and trucker hat... what a Von Douchebag!
by Arielle Brittani December 01, 2005
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Created in late 2008, this word was needed to sum up someone so useless, so annoying, so utterly inept at life, love, and work, that standard English language words failed to scrape the very bottom layer of filth this person represents.

Def 1) Failed. Wrong. Useless. A failure epic in nature
Def 2) one who thinks they are Gods gift to everything but so blinded they can not see how everyone thinks they are a sad sad joke.
Tim: Who the hell was that jackass?
Allen: Von Douchebag
Tim: He tried to take over the meeting like he was the only one with half a brain! Does he really think we're idiots?
Allen: Actually I know he does. He's Von Douchebag.

She was supposed to be at work 2 hours ago! She only lives down the street. What a Von Douchebag.

Mommy! Lauren broke my playstation! It won't work at all! She totally Von Douched it!
by Timmy75894 February 03, 2010
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