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A site for a bunch of vw "enthusiasts" (obsessive peculiarities) who sit around talking about how great out-dated obsolete air-cooled engines are to the point of extreme retardedness. They all fit a template of un-educated greasy amateur mechanics with no perspective on life, or indeed cars in general such is the extent of their social deviation.
Often they will even slag off supercars whilst comparing and venerating their own pre-war anachronisms, usually because of jealousy and the fact a "bug" is all they can afford.
Volkszone member: "I hear you have a party saturday"
Non-Volkszone member: "No I don't"
Volkszone member: "I saw it on Facebook! Don't you want me there?"
Non-Volkszone member: "It's just that my wife and all my friends think you are incapable of talking about anything other than cars and that you don't realise nobody else gives a tit-wobble about cars, especially why they have to put "
by AnatolyKarpov August 14, 2009
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