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A school in Baltimore, MD full of people so stupid, it's amazing they are able to dress themselves in the morning. Too crowded hallways, with people stopping to talk to someone they saw just 5 minutes ago, making you late for your class ('cause they can't hear "excuse me!" or they just don't care). Where people in the class don't do their work and 5 minutes before it's due, they ask to see your paper, but even you don't know what's going on because 90% of the class was talking about stupid shit and you couldn't hear the teacher. In other words, if you really want to learn something, don't come here. If you made the mistake of applying here, ha good luck.
You: What high school do you go to?

Me: Vivien T Thomas Medical Arts Academy

You: what? where's that?

Me: Hell
by AngelDoll August 11, 2011
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