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A Virus Writer is a type of human trash that spends their free time creating computer viruses that hurt millions and even billions of people worldwide. Their goal is to create a computer virus that causes so much damage; that the news talks about the event; then the Virus Writer gets Bragging Rights. So they cause millions of people's computers to crash and die. They cause companies to lose millions of dollars in lost revenue; that is then past onto the ordinary consumer to help recoup those lost costs. All so these pieces of trash can brag to some people that most likely they never met offline. Computer Viruses come in several form; ranging from just a simple Annoyance, to completely destroying computers and servers, even to identity Theft. Virus Writer tend to be weak, pathetic, computer nerds. People too pathetic to commit a crime in person. So instead of offering the world something great; some brand new unique idea; or form of help. Virus Writers end up causing the world to be just that one step closer to being Hell On Earth. Some Conspiracy Theories revolve around the idea that the bulk of viruses are created by companies that directly profit from creating systems aimed to stop the damage caused by computer viruses (Anti-Virus/Firewall/Spyware Detectors/Ect). Because without the threat of viruses and hackers, these companies have no business to profit from. Most computer viruses are created from viruses that have already been created in the past. The writer just gets a hold of an old virus that was successful in causing all types of damage; then they just modify it a bit to fit their new needs. A lot of Virus Writer are children and teens. The instruction of Computer Repair and Programming are very common in schools today. So the threat from computer viruses is not only, (NOT) going to die down, it is going to get much, much worse as these children and teens explore a field that was once limited to only a handful of computer savvy users. And seeing as both children and teens don't yet have a very well established sense of what these types of viruses can do; this only adds fuel to the fire. Virus Writer are no longer content with causing problems with computers; they are moving more and more into PDA's and Cell Phones. As these devices become more common; scum bags see a new way to harass and hurt people. The very popular iPhone PDA has already started to fall under attack from these types of virtues. Companies like Microsoft envision a persons automobile and house one day being controlled remotely by computers. The idea is that the owner can control Lights, TV's, Alarms, ect using software and a PDA. If this comes to be, Virus Writers will surely follow suit with new ways created chaos. Maybe even crashing a server that controls an entire house or automobile. So until Virus Writers are forced to face much more severe consequences for their actions; the rest of us will continue, AS ALWAYS, to suffer due to the acts of these criminals.
I wish I could travel through a computer monitor. Then I could beat the ever loving S**T out of that scum bag Virus Writer who crashed my secondary hard drive!! $150 wasted because some piece of trash thought it would be funny to create a computer virus! God, please give me this 1 gift! Pretty Please!!!
by the2ndflood August 04, 2008
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